Mycoverse The Mushroom Podcast

#5 - Jen Price - Somatic Psychotherapist / Oakland / Mushrooms / Pyschedelic Integration

December 16, 2019 Kingdom Fungi Season 1 Episode 5
Mycoverse The Mushroom Podcast
#5 - Jen Price - Somatic Psychotherapist / Oakland / Mushrooms / Pyschedelic Integration
Show Notes

Jen Price, MA,
Therapist * Activist * Entrepreneur 
Psychedelic Coach & Educator
Holistic Life Coach

In this episode you will get to experience what goes on inside the life of Entheo_Jen Price. Here is her personal message to you:

"Hey, I’m Jen.

I’m a Psychedelic Coach & Educator with 5 years experience providing therapeutic support to those seeking healing & expansion through the use of Entheogens both on the micro and macro level. In that time I have consistently “practiced what I’ve preached”, maintaining a regular microdosing regiment and having numerous ceremonial experiences. 

I stand on the solid groundwork of 15 years of education and professional experience in the field of Holistic Health including a MA in Somatic Psychotherapy and certifications in Yoga Teaching, Meditation, Massage Therapy, and Reiki. I’m also a certified holistic life coach, recovery coach, and doula. 

To say I believe deeply in the therapeutic potential of psychedelics is an understatement and it’s my life’s calling to support their use in the most safe & effective way possible."

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Intro and outro music provided by the band Bikini Trill.
00:01, 53:53 “Smoke a Jay and Watch Yourself Dance” 
57:16 “Napster and Acid (Intro)” 
Both songs are off their 2018 album Wassup, We Good? 

Also featured music by Nathan Davila 
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57:55 “dear prudence” cover
59:36 “Night Vision”

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I hope you are having a great time. Let's all keep progressing on into this new decade with positive motivations, understanding and patience with one another. I love you all, and I'll walk hand in hand with you as we do our best to preserve this natural beauty of a planet we inhabit. In the words of Jen Price "This is our momma"  

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